smegging lister Joomla! file listing module

Smegging Lister

Smegging Lister is a really useful module that looks into a directory, finds a variety of file types then creates a list, with icons for your readers to download. Adding files to be downloaded is super easy, just upload them to the directory you asked Smegging Lister to look at and "as if by magic" they're added to the list for your readers!

List downloads automatically

Smegging Lister will list key files within a directory. Spreadsheets, Images, PDF, PowerPoints, Text files, MSWord and Zips by default. You can set it to list others too.

Add your own icons!

The installation comes with a set of icons but you can easily add your own, no need for fancy hacks! Just name your icons, upload them to your site (you can use the images folder) and choose this folder with a few clicks in Smegging Lister's module control panel. Easy!

On installation these icons are saved to the modules own images directory and used when a file of this type is found but you have not added your own icons.

Smeggin Lister IconsVersion 3.1 allows you to add your own file hints too!

Below: This is is Smegging Lister in action, the list here is of example documents and uses a UIKit striped table class. Default files are:

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