miss webby

Miss Webby

Miss Webby is a handy gadget for designers and developers but actually, for website owners too. It places your "website declaration" in the module position of your choosing and rotates at random through the links you've set. View the YouTube How-To video to see how easy it is.

Add up to ten links!

So first you add the bit about you, like at the bottom of this page, it says "Website By:" then the name, here of course Wonky Willy's Applet Factory. Here's the magic bit, then it links the text to another page, another website.

For Web Designers

Using Miss Webby you can add your build marque and rotate links to your site as part of the website build declaration, usually on the footer. When search engines survey your links, rather than lots going to one page of your site, usually the index, you can now spread them across different parts or even different domains.

For website owners

Using Miss Webby you can pass links easily to associated companies. If you have more than one website, companies do, then you can use Miss Webby to help secure better page ranking and promote new pages simply by including them in its roster listing.

Please note: Free versions of this software may not have all the features described here.
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