Medi-QnA for Joomla 1.5

Medi-QnA is a Joomla! 1.5 native component developed for medical websites but can be used on any site that wants to offer educational content in question and answer format.

IMPORTANT: Medi-QnA DOES NOT record user scores, grades or allow user interaction in this way. This is a very simple component which I personally think is its strong point. It's easy to install and configure but that ease of use means it has NO sophisticated features like grading systems etc.

Please do not download if you need to score or record test results. You should try another component (or write your own). For this component its BEST USE is for an audience where scoring is inappropriate such as the medical or legal professions.

Examples: A lawyer who specialises in criminal cases may wish to 'brush up' on property law. A doctor specialising in radio therapy may wish to re-fresh on clinical techniques.

Add as many question sets as you need.

QnA Add Question

Add as many questions to a set as you need.

QnA Add Answer

  • Questions can contain pictures and html formatting like regular Joomla! articles.
  • Switch whole sets off 'unpublish' with one click.
  • Switch individual questions on or off as needed.
  • Automatically displays the latest published set to the readership.
  • Links to menu like regular articles.
  • Includes listing page showing all available sets.
  • *GPL Licence, Free to use.

The administrator can add as many 'sets' of questions as needed. Each question 'set' can have as many questions as needed. Adding a question is as easy as adding a regular article and uses the normal Joomla! editor so they can contain pictures and carry html formatting too. Question sets can be switched on or off, individual questions can also be switched on or off.

Readers are automatically presented with the latest question set added but can access a listing of all available sets to choose another if they wish. Having viewed a question the reader selects a 'show answer' button and the answer is revealed. The reader can also skip forward and backward through the question set.

Medi-QnA was originally developed to help doctors improve their diagnostic imaging skills, hence, it is not appropriate to include a grading or 'testing' feature. Medi-QnA can be used anywhere a question and answer format is required such as distance learning or as an alternative to flash-card style educational content.


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Above: Adding a question set

QnA Add Set

  1. Download Medi-QnA and install to your Joomla! website.
  2. Choose Medi-QnA from the components menu.
  3. Click the plusAdd Content icon to add a set, on the next page enter a name for the set and a short description, click 'Add Set' button. You'll be returned to the Set Listing, the Medi-QnA administrator home page.
  4. Please note, your new set will automatically be switched off since it does not yet have any questions to publish.
  5. Click the yesEdit Questions icon Questions to add your first question.
  6. Enter a title for your question. The title is an handy reminder for you when viewing your list of questions. Then enter your question, include pictures and formatting as needed. In the next field, add your answer. You can add pictures and formatting here too. Finally, click the 'Add Question' button. You will be returned to the Medi-QnA question Set Listing, the home page.
  7. Your set is still switched off, you must add at least two questions before you can publish a set (a set with one question isn't really a set, that's why it needs at least two) so repeat the previous step, add another question. Again, you will be returned to the Medi-QnA question set listing, the home page.
  8. Click the status icon pwroffOff/On to switch your new set on. The status icon changes to this:  pwronOff/On

You've added your first question set!

Hint: You can check your public pages by opening a new browser window, go to your website home page and after index.php in the URL call Medi-QnA directly, like this: "http://www.MySite.wot/index.php?option=com_mediqna".

Adding questions is a similar process, just click the Questions icon to view the list of questions you've already added. Near the top of the question list page you'll see a Add Content icon which leads to the add a question form.

Editing sets and questions is easy too, just click the Questions icon to start the editor.

Custom Edits
Edits to change length of test in question set description.

First, make sure you back-up your database just incase you make a mistake. I assume you're using an FTP client to communicate with the server so, make a backup of the com_mediqna directory, inside "/administrastor/components". This is where MediQnA lives on your server.

Inside com_mediqna are a number of directories with the MediQnA files, look for "AddNewQSet.php", open this file and go to line apprx. 41, it's a text input field called "SetDesc", change its maxlength from 64 to whatever you need. Upload to the server, over-write the original file.

Now. using something like 'phpMyAdmin' you have to change a setting on the database, it's easy to do but you should always be careful when editing the database directly.

Look for a table called "qna_QuestionSets", it's has a field called "SetDesc" which is set to "varchar 64". This means it will only accept the first 64 characters entered, you need to change this to a figure high enough to accomodate your description, its maximum length is 255. If you want even more you will have to change the field type from varchar to text, then the database will allow you to store War and Peace if you want!

Please remember, always backup first, any errors or ommisions, resulting breakages are your responsibility. This edit is untested.

Medi-QnA was tested on three LAMP servers before publication, each worked perfectly. It is distributed under the GPL Licence terms and conditions. You are advised no guarantee is offered or implied, use at your own risk.


Register first, it's free. Then go to the 1.5 downloads page and you can save the zip file, easy.

Please note: Free versions of this software may not have all the features described here.
No guarantee is offered or implied. Terms apply.