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Everyone who tours the Wonky Willy's Applet Factory can download FREE Joomla software, available in our gift shop.  Simply point and click to save a variety of items to your computer before you leave!

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Currently Available Freebies...

  • WOW 150.min
  • vampire simple login reset
  • miss webby
  • ukit patch 150.min
  • send csv list
  • medi qna 150

Please remember generally the free versions of Willy's software are "lite" or "demo" and may not have all the features the finished software has. That said, Willy is sure you'll find the freebie apps very useful.

The documentation here is for the full versions so please read carefully. Setting-up and using a freebie is nearly always the same as the the subscriber versions and of course, you can log-in and use the forum if you need help.

Back by popular demand is Medi-QnA for Joomla 1.5
Yes, it's still getting too many requests to ignore so this is now available to download in the freebies gift-shop, you many want to read its description page here.

Also, Send CSV List has proven popular even though it's for Joomla 1.5 so this is now also available in the gift-shop freebies download.